Clarity with HEaT

There’s a reason why you have not had success in the past. That reason is what brought you here today. While ftiness and nutritrion are a requirement of a healthy routine, it is your state of mind that keeps you on the path…

HEaT’s whole body approach is the key to your success!

The third element of our programs is one that we believe makes us unique and ultimately leads to the long-term success of our clients. Understanding the connection between our health and our state of mind is key to sustainable change.

Transforming your relationship with food and exercise means transforming your relationship with your goals!

With you through every step

Feel the experince of resolution

We have you think differently.

Understand why it works for you and not others.
We actually coach you through each step

Tell us what you would like we show you how to get it.

You’re never alone, we’re always available!

Most people have a negative relationship with food and exercise where food is seen as comfort and exercise is seen as work. Diets and gyms are intimidating and we talk ourselves out of the things we know are good for us. This is why most diets and workout plans fail, because we fail to make the connection between what our minds tell us and how our bodies feel as a result. This reconditioning process we at HEaT refer to as Psychology of Wellness, and it is key to the success of our program.

We will introduce concepts to you and ask that you stay open to understanding that connection and committed to the mental strength it takes to work through what has often been a lifetime of negative thought. The truth will set you free!