Fitness With HEaT

Learn something new and achieve the body you want!

HEaTs Fitness Approach

We show our clients how to take their fitness goals into their own hands. Understanding why it’s working for them and how to change things around when they feel the current workouts aren’t working anymore. Trusting in yourself and not giving up on your goals.

“How many Mondays have come and gone since you said ‘I’ll start next week?’ Take action it starts NOW!“.       -HEaT

HEaT’s fitness program is designed to change and grow with the progression of your strength, endurance, and technique. The focus is on teaching you how to exercise for your goals and continue to challenge yourself while avoiding injury. We also expose you to a variety of exercise methods so that you learn how to workout for your specific needs and not get bored or plateau over time.

We Take you to the gym, we will do outdoor workouts. They will consist of weightlifting, cardio, resistance, and circuit training. You will learn that you can get a great workout in 40 minutes. You will learn how to use gym equipment with proper form and ultimately design a workout routine that stays fun, challenging, travels with you, and helps maintain your long-term fitness.

Your Fitness

We show our you how to take your fitness goals into your own hands. What is special about our fitness program, no matter what stage you are in we don’t take over your journey. But guide you through your journery, eventually allow you to take over and understand the importance of where you are in your journey.

Whole Fitness

Whether you are a beginner, looking to change how you have worked out in the past, we can create a starting point. Build your strength, slowly increase the difficulty. Constantly challenging you while making sure we still are on the path to your initial goal.

Fitness Support

Not only do we support you by holding your hand through each step of the program but connecting new members with other HEaT members to share hard times or just need an extra hand for encouragement. Whatever the case we’re here to support you. 

Understanding Fitness

Our mission is to get you healthy and strong. Injuries can stop progression. However, we understand how the human body moves during a workout we can then challenge you. However, while we keep your priorities in mind, our challenge to put you in a path towards your goals all while making it fun and make sure it’s never boring. We explain ever exercise, what muscle it’s working and why we are doing that exercise. Building/understanding your foundation is a key to your fitness success.

HEaT Workout

Constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.