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HEaT’s Approach
Achieve better mental and physical health through fitness and nutrition education while gaining the tools and techniques to establish better habits, accountability and achieve a positive relationship with your goals.
Fitness Training
Fun and dynamic workout sessions that get your heart rate up and bring down using techniques that are proven to work. We work as a team to reach your goals.
Whole Body Health
Understand the impact food and exercise has on your mental health and emotional stability. Building tools to achieve inner strength.
Nutrition Training
Customized meal plans suited to your goals and supported by your fitness routine. We teach you how to cook and eat taking you to the grocery store to understand where and how to make better food choices.
“Everyone’s journey is different, my favorite part of the program is when someone has their “Aha” moment and the healing process beings.”  – Nina
“I love helping people transition into a healthier and happier life through fitness, nutrition, and establishing good habits to reach their goals.” -Izzy
HEaT recognizes that good health is not just about losing weight or learning how to exercise but understanding the connection between mind, body, and spirit which will help you accept where you are and allow you to achieve your maximum potential.

Using a phased approach our clients set realistic goals and gain the tools they need to meet them. This whole-body approach is what differentiates HEaT from other health/fitness programs.

Through fitness and nutrition education and personal understanding we help to establish good habits and get you on the path to healither and happier you.

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Our program is for everyone: 15  & older
“What can I say about this program, except WOW! Even though I saw the physical change, the biggest change was my smile, which had sadly been hiding. Thank you HEaT for helping me find my way.”

Gina S.

“I was blown away by the meal plan. HEaT showed me that with basic foods and little planning I could eat amazing, filling, healthy meals without breaking the bank or spending all day in the kitchen!”
Maria M.
Mother of two children
“I was given the tools that would help me change and I’m on the road to a new me. I’m thankful for the journey that HEaT has taken me on and I know that my journey is not over.”
Julie M.


Transform your body, mind, and spirit in just 45 minutes. No equipment required we COME TO YOU!